Welding is a very common technique used to assemble sheets. Many types of welding have evolved since the metal industry has grown and developed and the choice of welding technology depends largely on the type and size of the aluminum materials used. Arc welding, oxygen welding, resistance welding, laser beam welding and electron welding are the main types of welding currently in use.

 Fireproof ACP

Arc welding uses an electric current to create a connection between the materials. The aluminum alloy foil is successively rolled into a final molded shape in a succession of metal pressing operations. An empty sheet of annealed starting material is pressed into at least a first shape of the preform between the heated metal pressing tools to form the preform and then reshape the shape of the preform.

When one or more shapes are progressively reached, the last shape of the preform is cooled if necessary and extruded to the final molded shape between the unheated molding tools. Vehicle body panels and other aluminum sheet metal products were made from suitable steel alloys by metal pressing processes at ambient temperature. 

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