Our advanced production Malachite Green PVDF aluminum composite facilities, engineering knowledge and ability to innovate ensure superior products, designed to your specifications.This dynamism is now called, demonstrating the endless possibilities of aluminum transformation, and our focus remains our customers' continued success.We may not know it but aluminum is all around us. Just look around and you can see aluminum doors, windows, wires, cans and foils.

JY-6010 Malachite Green

Train or car you rode on your way to school or office is even made of aluminum.The paint covers the walls has Malachite Green PVDF aluminum composite as one of its cars. The fork, spoon and even pot used to cook your food is made up of aluminum.Aluminum is the second most and uses this element, second only to iron, in all segments of the world economy.

Its value and quantity comes a close second in Iron compared to any other metal in the world. Aluminum is considered to be the second most abundant component of the earth's crust next to the nonmetals that are oxygen and silicon.This power player of the steel, Malachite Green PVDF aluminum composite as odd as it seems considering its wide use and popularity, not purely as a free metal. Aluminum is the form of aluminum silicate - a compound consisting of one or more metal (in this case, aluminum), silicon, oxygen, and in some cases hydrogen.