And we hope that you can come up with the desired shape and Fireproof ACP ACM design. It only requires good imagination and less effort. It may be an inexpensive metal, but it has many features that can recommend it. Aluminum is about one third of the weight of brass, copper, steel, so it is very suitable for strong parts that must be lightweight. Metals have very good thermal properties and are suitable for extrusion.


It has excellent heat conducting properties and is nearly equivalent to metal conductors such as copper, gold and silver and is a good Fireproof ACP ACM choice for heat shielding. Why do you like aluminum among other metals? It also has very high conductivity. It is light, but you can double the current gained from the more expensive copper.

Of course, no one would choose a more expensive alternative. The aluminum extrudate has excellent corrosion resistance, it is coated with its own transparent film oxide and can enhance color by chemical or electrochemical methods. Because they can be formed easily, you can realize the Fireproof ACP ACM and design you desire with less effort but good results.